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Business Marketing Tools – Three Tools That Are Essential to Your Online Marketing Success

Using the internet as a vehicle to market and build your business is very new to most people that make that decision to expand into cyber space. The internet is a powerful instrument to use and like most things in life there is a learning curve that is associated with the implementation of new things. In this article what I want to speak about is the many business marketing tools that most people starting an online business need to familiarize themselves with so that they can succeed in business.

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The first and I think the most important tool that needs to be learned about is an Auto Responder. This tool is the cornerstone of most online businesses, an auto responder is a tool that is used to communicate, build relationships and follow up with all prospective leads and customers. An auto responder is an online tool that you subscribe to from a company that provides the ability for you to keep the name, email address and other contact information in one place. This information is kept and personally stored by you so that you can use at will to build a list of clients and use to keep in contact with them when needed.Another business marketing tool that is important to your business is a Lead Capture Page. This tool is a text document that is used to capture the name and email information from people that is interested in the products or services that you are selling. This tool is used in conjunction with an auto responder to send these prospects prewritten email messages to keep in touch and build relationships with.

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The last business marketing tool that I want to speak about in this article is a Sales Page. This tool is used to introduce your product or service to the prospect that opted into your lead capture page, wound up in your auto responder and now you are showing them the exact offer that you have for them. They are able to read your information and if they like it they are able to make the purchase on this page if your offer is something that they want.

Are You Using Business Marketing Tools? You Should Be – Here’s Why

Without the use of online business marketing tools your business will not be able to flourish. You need to know about all of the tools that are available in helping you to market your online business, even if some of these tools might not work for you. It is still good to know your options and know how to use them so that things will be made easier for you once you start to build your business. It’s for you to do some research to see what tools are readily available for you to take advantage of. The best part about some of these tools is that many of them are either free or they come at a very low cost per month.Tool #1: Article MarketingOne of the first tools that you absolutely need for marketing your online business is articles. Yes-you need content for your website so that people can read about all that you have to offer and also so that they can read the description and know more about the product. Perhaps you are not selling the product but rather just giving more information about it so that people can understand it; this is what many blog websites are all about; sharing info. By sharing info people make money online with blogs all of the time, all day long. Some people use their blogs to refer people to their original online business page. Anyhow, you will need article content to explain what are trying to get your audience to buy from you.

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Tool #2: EmailAnother tool for business marketing online is collecting emails. You have seen it before if you have visited various websites in the past; they have a box for you to enter your name and email address so that they can keep in contact with you and you send you updates on new products or sales events that they have going on with their business. You should definitely use this business tool because it encourages customers to shop on your site or revisit it. It’s also a great method for reminding customers about your business. With this tool you receive 10 times more visits than what you would without it.Tool #3: BannersHere’s another reason that you should be using internet marketing tools: you can attract customers your website from other online websites such as forums, and websites that are related to the product of interest. Banners are a very popular tool used for attracting customers to your online business. Banners are the rectangular labels that you will find at the top of the homepage of a website or at the very bottom of the homepage of a website. A lot of times they will be animated with flashing lights, words or pictures on them that change that get the buyer’s attention. If interested, the buyer will click on the banner which will take them directly to your website. Some bog sites of forums will allow you to advertise with banners for free, but most you will have to pay some sort of fee; which usually isn’t much.

Business Cards – 5 Tips How to Make It Successful Marketing Tool

Finally after many hour designing and ordering business cards you got it. You feel fantastically and want to share with those incredibly lovely business cards. I understand you and think many people who own business understand you. We all wanted to show them to whole world. But I want to stop you from big mistake and avoid wasting money and expensive time. Below I give 5 useful advices how to use business card correctly.1. Make them your best friendIt means always take with you, never leave at home. Put them to your pocket, wallet, and briefcase that you can have them all the time. Using this technique you will be able you introduce yourself to new people who you met. Also I recommend putting few in your car. I had some experience when I forgot my wallet and unawares met huge office interior company manager. Few business cards in car saved my life. After few days that manager contacted me and now we work together. I will repeat again – Make them your best friend.

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2. Respect themBuy elegant made from quality materials business cards case. Properly chosen case can make better presentation of you and your business. The best choice of case is neutral, silver color cases. Case helps to avoid of crumpling it. Image that you met well know supplier or other business person and you take from your pocket crumpled business card. How do you think, does he contact you? I almost can guarantee that answer would be negative.3. Use them wiselyThere are different opinions about where and how they should be given. One side says that you should place it at local restaurants, supermarkets, libraries, and even children’s schools. In my opinion this action can be called – waste of money. Also it looks less professional when company which offers cars parts put their business cards in children clothes shop. In my opinion everything has to be in the right place. But also don’t grudge when person ask to take few cards. Even if your neighbor asks one or two don’t hesitate and give.

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4. Update itDon’t use cards with wrong information. For example you have changed email or phone number, and then don’t forget to change your cards. Nobody likes wrong information. When you change it isn’t necessary to change design but if you want you can change it.5. Make it more importantWhen you give it to someone write something on it to make it more important and increase chances that your card wouldn’t be thrown away. Also don’t forget to give one or few clean.Use these 5 tips and make your business successful. Even small marketing elements can help you to expand your service area, increase clients amounts.

Branding is a Very Poor Small Business Marketing Tool!

One of the most misunderstood small business marketing tools is branding. I flinch when I hear media sales representatives and agency sales representatives tell a small business owner that they need to build a brand and get their name out there so that when a prospect is ready to buy their product, they will think of that company’s name. This scheme is nearly always a failure and even if it works, there is rarely a method in place to track the results so it is unmanageable, if not impossible to determine the profitability of your investment.Try this example: When a rep tells you that you should have a brand-building effort, tell them that’s fine as long as long as you can pay for the ad with the sales from it. They’ll allege something to the effect of “Well, there are too many things beyond our control. You really need to do this over several weeks or months to get results.”If there are too many things beyond their control and you have to wait weeks or months, how can you track it? How can you afford to wait? You still have fixed costs and expenses. The bottom line is that if you get caught up in this web, you will lose profit on it. Big firms can afford to wait, most of us small business owners don’t have that luxury.

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Let me ask, do you want to wait until the prospect thinks they need your product before they come into your business? I don’t think so. You want to give them a compelling sales subject matter so they feel a want or a need for your product right now! In my business, should I get my name out there and hope a small business owner will be compelled to think they need my marketing expertise? I’d prefer to get a substance in front of them that so they think, “Hey, if I call this guy today, I can have more profits in weeks.”Okay, so what are effective small business marketing tools for increasing profits?
Get client’s contact information. At least get the the name, address, phone number and record why they bought from you. Failure to collect client data is the number one small business marketing mistake. How can you ask a client to return if you never know who they are in the first place?
Send them a thank you note and send a coupon or a special offer to get them to buy from you again. Put a deadline on the offer and make it compelling.
Get them on your mailing list and send regular cards, a newsletter and “Special Customer” offers.
Package or bundle your products or services and give an incentive for the client to buy more every time they are doing business with you.
Learn the art of selling. Take some courses or read some books. The words you use in a selling situation have a dramatic effect on the results. Many take you closer to the sale and others further away from it. After all, if you have spent the time and resources to get the prospect or client in front of you, doesn’t it make sense to increase the likelihood of them buying from you?

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Any one of these strategies can have a dramatic and immediate impact on your sales. A lot more than getting your name out there ever will. To be blunt, people are wrapped up in their own lives and they really don’t care about you at all. Once again, you need to give people a reason to come to your business. Once they are there, build your brand with outstanding quality and service. They will tell others to visit or call you because of what you did for them, not who you are.Remember, there are many very powerful small business marketing tools available to the entrepreneur trying to increase their sales. Building a brand should be at the bottom of the list. Many will argue with me and confuse branding with advertising. If you are going to advertise, do it in a way that you can get clients to call you or come to you, not to know your name.

Hashtag 101 For Your Business Marketing Efforts

Hashtag 101 For Your Business Marketing EffortsHashtags – you might of heard or seen them. If you are unaware of what its purpose is, don’t fret, that’s why I’m here. This will be a guide on what is and how to use a hashtag for properly marketing your business.What is a Hashtag?Hashtags are those “#” symbols that you see in social media, you might have referred to that symbol as a pound sign on the phone. The hashtag symbol is one of the most effective social media marketing tools available. When the symbol is placed in front of words or phrases, hashtags can generate a significant amount of traffic and produce exposure to whatever subject it is that you are trying to convey.Some example hashtags: #hashtag101 #winning #bestrestaurantThis method of social media exposure first started in Twitter, it was designed to label and categorize groups of tweets to be searched and found. Hashtags have grown into other social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. If someone is looking for the best restaurant in orange county, they might run a search on one of their social media outlets either Twitter or Facebook and type in “#bestrestaurantoc” and the hashtag will return a list of post and tweets on the corresponding topic.

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How would it benefit my business?If you didn’t know, Twitter and Facebook are now being used as search engines – crazy right? Yeah, the milenials are on that bandwagon and as a business marketing effort, you want to make sure you’re a part of it. Twitter and Facebook get more than a billion search queries per day and more and more people prefer using these outlets over other search engine apps as their resource of information. Utilizing hashtags increases your online visibility and make it easier for others to find your message.One of my favorite parts of hashtags is that it is clickable. If someone were to click on one of your hashtags, they’ll be able to see all the post with that same hashtag.Now that your better informed on hashtags, here are some quick tips that can help your business marketing.1. Don’t PunctuateAs weird as it might look, don’t put commas, semi-colons, apostrophes or spaces in hashtags, this BREAKS the hashtag. “#thisis super awesome” would really just be “#thisis”. Oh and please keep it short, this will help get to the point and will be much easier to search for: #bestwebdesignoc vs #bestwebsitedesigninorangecounty – NO ONE will type in that long one, well maybe but its a very slim chance. Use hashtags that people are most likely to type in.

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2. Specify!Try to use specific titles for hashtags, if someone is search for waffle houses in orange county you might want to use “#wafflehouseoc” or “#wafflerestaurant”. If you get too general “#wafflebreakfast”, it might be overused and your message would be harder to find.3. Don’t get carried awayDo your readers a favor – don’t get annoyingly carried away with your hashtags. Avoid #hashtagging #every #single #word #in #the #sentence. Did that hurt your brain? It hurt me while writing it, it’s pointless, annoying, can get marked as spam and that doesn’t do you any good.

5 Powerful Online Business Marketing Tools

In any type of business, marketing is an essential expense. This is especially vital for businesses with no storefront or strategic office location to attract potential customers’ attention. Compared to traditional businesses, home-based and online business ventures actually need more marketing efforts. Here are some of the business marketing tools you can use to promote your business:1. WebsiteIf you want to elicit lasting impression from your customers, you should have a good and professional-looking website that contains information about your product or service. If you offer lots of products, make it a point that you present them in a clear and attractive format. Even if you offer thousands of items, you can always find ways to keep your site organized. Aside from informative content about your products, it’s wise if you also include information on how potential customers can purchase, use, or download your products. You should also put your contact information so they’ll know how to get in touch with you.

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2. Search enginesRemember that most people do a research first before purchasing anything they want, especially if it’s pricey. Make sure your website is listed in various search engines and can be crawled by the spiders, so it will appear in the search results when people do research of the products you’re selling. Among the business marketing tools, search engines are responsible for driving a huge amount of traffic to your site.3. Social media sitesBusinesses nowadays are so lucky because they can now take advantage of the tremendous popularity of social media. Through social networking sites, they can connect with their potential customers and prospects for free. To promote your business, it is wise to try out all the social media sites you have an account in. this could mean hard work, but by so doing, you’ll know which of them works best for you and your business.4. BlogsBlogs are great business marketing tools especially for service-based businesses. Your blog can be an excellent representation of your expertise in the industry you’re in. They will help build your credibility, making you well respected in your chosen field. If you’re going to use this marketing tool, make sure that you’ll create not just an ordinary blog but a professional-looking one that’s related to your business. Its content must not be high-quality and original-they shouldn’t be the same as the ones published on your business website.

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5. Affiliate programsIf you think that affiliate programs are expensive business marketing tools, you’re wrong. They are actually a cost-effective way of introducing and marketing your products to a wide range of customers. Through a commission-based sales force, you can dispose your products minus the hassles of hiring and managing employees.These are just a few of the marketing tools you can use to improve your business. You can also try other techniques, especially those that can be done offline such as word-of-mouth referrals, case studies, and public speaking.

How Testimonials Can Be Your Best Marketing Tools

Testimonials can not only give your business third party recommendations, they can also be your best marketing tools. Actively source testimonials and promote them on your website, work samples, brochures, proposals etc. Make sure you ask permission to use them and always publish the client’s full name and business name or full name and suburb.Initials alone and a suburb look fabricated. A great way to promote your services is to publish testimonials from a variety of clients to cover a range of your offerings. For example, if you have a graphics/printing/signage/storage business, collect different testimonials such as:

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· A client stating they had no idea how to present a product and you designed everything for them, how grateful they were and how many comments they received on the striking brochure
· A client with clever signage on their car saying how often they get stopped or contacted for appointments because people notice the effective sign writing
· A client who has used you for printing for years, is always happy with the print quality and values the fact that you print in volume and warehouse for them because they don’t have the space to do so themselvesPublishing testimonials from 3 raving fans like this will do more for your product than you just expressing that you are a print, graphic and signage specialist. People reading your testimonials will also learn of other services you provide they may not have been aware of, and this reinforces your skill set.

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If you think the word testimonial might scare people off, then ask customers “for their story” instead. When customers email you with praise, copy what they wrote, add a title and their name and ask them if you can use the following statement in advertising material and in your website.

Increase Sales By Refreshing Your Business Marketing Tool Box

Every now and then by simply refreshing your business marketing toolbox you can increase sales. Of course the first thing you need to do is know what is in your marketing toolbox. Do you know what is in your toolbox?Just as a carpenter to plumber has a tool box, so do you whether you are a professional salesperson, small business owner, new car salesman, realtor or entrepreneur. However, your tools within your business marketing toolbox are a little different, but the end result is the same: getting the job done.When you open your business marketing toolbox, you should have at least the following:
Business Cards
30 Second Elevator Speech
Unique Positioning Statement
Several Scripts
Marketing Plan
As I said your tools are different because the majority of your tools are intangible. These tools reflect your personality, your business goals and hopefully your sales process.Your most critical and tangible business tool is your business card. Does it provide all the necessary information? For example, many business people today, especially solo professionals, small business owners, independent contractors and even some entrepreneurs do not list their addresses on the card.

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This is a marketing mistake that needs to be refreshed. If you work out of your home and are fearful in providing your work address, then rent a post office box. Not having physical location may be a turn off for some potential customers.For example, you met a women business owner at a business networking event and she impressed you about her knowledge of the mortgage industry. The two of you exchanged cards. Then a few days later, you heard of someone wanting a mortgage and shared the mortgage broker’s name with the prospect.The prospect asks where she is located and all you can say is that she is within the general geographic area based on the area code. When you are pressed for specifics, all you can do is give a phone number or maybe an email.Returning to your business card, does the tag line need to be refreshed? Within my industry of executive business coaching and performance improvement consulting, at every new business networking event, another business coach turns up.Therefore in response to this perceived gluttony in the local business market, I decided to change my tag line to Chief People Officer and Executive Business Coach. And by taking this action, I am now different because people are curious as to what is a Chief People Officer.How can you refresh your 30 second elevator speech? If it is working, meaning that you are overwhelmed with people who want to meet you after a meeting, then by all means do not change it. However, if it is not getting you at least several appointments each time you speak it, then you are either at the wrong networking events or your message is falling flat.

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Some changes could include focusing on results that you deliver or your potential prospects’ wants. These changes could also be infused into any other messages that you deliver such as your Unique Positioning Statement.Finally, your marketing plan should always be in your tool box. This plan has all of your current marketing goals. Without this plan, you may be in the wrong place, speaking to the wrong people and then working hard, not smarter to achieve your goal to increase sales. Simply speaking without a plan, you are actively engaged in spray and pray. Spray your marketing efforts all over the place and pray that they stick.Your marketing tool box needs to be revisited at least every 3 months. Always make sure that you have enough business cards and are prepared to start building those important relationships with every word that you speak. Your commitment to these changes will definitely help to increase sales.

A Primer On Incorporating Dentist SEO Into Your Business Marketing Plan

Search engine optimization (SEO) has worked marvels before millions of small business owners who opted for internet marketing tools to generate revenues. You can be the next in line. But before that, it is essential that you determine the basics at first so that you will know how to make things work for your advantage. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about incorporating the mentioned tool to your marketing plan so that you can achieve optimal results while spending as little as possible.Dentist SEO in a nutshell – this is simply employing SEO marketing technique for the sole purpose of promoting dental websites. The idea is to make efforts that will make your website visible on the page results of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and the likes after generating high volume of web traffic. It works through codes and links that enable the internet users to be redirected from the web page he is currently in into your dental website.The essentialsDental website – this is your website that can be developed by you if you have the skills or other person you hired. Of course, it will contain details about you as the dental practitioner, the location of your dental clinics and the list of services that you offer. It will be composed of a number of web pages. It is a good rule of thumb to have a sitemap even if your site has limited pages. This is because it will allow your entire pages to be indexed and will increase your internal link relevancy. It will only boost your chances in being visible on the search engine’s page results.

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Service provider – more often than not, business owners including the dentist themselves, do not have the needed skills to get optimal results in this marketing technique. This is because it is quite technical in nature. For this reason, it will be best if you will take into account hiring the services of an SEO company. In the event that you decide to employ one, you ought to make sure that you are dealing with not only a legitimate one but competent as well. There are loads of companies you can find over the internet. Use your best judgment in determining which to employ.Contents – these refer to the articles that you will publish into your websites. It should be relevant to the needs and expectations of your target market. The writings should therefore be concise, thorough and persuasive. You need to make an impression that you have the solution that they are looking for so that there is no need for them to look for it elsewhere. Try to anticipate their needs and perceive things from the market’s viewpoint.The jargonsBacklinks – this is the links that will direct the internet users from the other webpage into your own dental website when clicked. More often than not, it appears as word or phrases underlined and/or in different color compared with the other text. Even if you cannot see it, there are codes behind that text. It is vital that the link structure is correct. Otherwise, the link will not work. Normally, you will have to make use of HTML tags and codes.Keywords – as the very name suggests, it refers to the important words that are embedded through the article. They boost your chances of being visible on the search engine’s page results provided that they will match to what the internet users will type on the search box. This is the reason why it is essential that you research keywords well. The more keywords you have, it will be better as you will be singled out. It will eradicate competition among you and other rival sites.

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Black-hat – this on the other hand refers to the unethical techniques that are used by some SEO service providers. Examples of which include cloaking, spamdexing, and hijacking among many others. Utilization of the mentioned techniques is not advisable as you will be most likely be penalized by search engines. Google for example, is quite particular with such violations. It will still hold you liable even if it will be certain that you are in no way knowledgeable that your website is involved with such activities.Hopefully, this primer has been of help in your efforts to integrate search engine optimization into your business marketing plan.

A Brief Rundown of Resources

The Role Of The Management in Establishing ASSE Safety Standards Workplace safety plans are essential as they set standards for employees’ safety. Most organizations have various divisions and the workers deployed in each of the divisions are subjected to a particular kind of safety issues that require creating distinctive safety policies for each one of them. However, the separate safety plans should align to the overall safety goal of the entire company. In most companies, the employees are always committed to ensuring their own safety since failure to adhere to the set safety standards results in direct impact like injuries. Since the management is not affected directly by occurrence of safety issues, the administration of many firms normally follow the set safety regulations mostly to meet the necessities of the law The ideal state is when the admin as well as the employees make safety a key requirement and devote themselves to observe safety requirements in order to realize the general goal. When safety regulations are adhered to by all the staffs and reinforced by the management, the output of a firm increases significantly. Sadly, this kind of rationality is quite rare and often, firms establish the bare minimum necessities set by the relevant workplace safety authority. The promise of the management to enforce health and safety procedures in the workstation is the initial step that has a far reaching effect. For illustration, the management could introduce and administer safety guidelines, hire specialists for consistent safety audits and make sure the staffs undergo ASSE safety training. The inspection proves that the set safety regulations are adhered to by the workers and highlight the areas that need improvement hence lowering or eliminating safety risks in the workplace. Tragically, the company leadership often focuses more on quality, productivity and performance and often overlooks safety requirements. If the management makes safety a concern, the workers likewise assume the culture of safety in order reduce workplace accidents and injuries.
What Research About Resources Can Teach You
The American Society of Safety Engineers sets appropriate safety procedures and training that give zero room for miscommunication or confusion that might lead to safety issues. The safety standards outline the role of each player towards ensuring safety in the workplace thus ensuring accountability and strict adherence to the safety measures. Even contractors have to follow the safety procedures while working on the site even if they are not under the direct control of the management of a company. The terms of agreement must outline the key safety requirements of the contractors and indicate that they are under the applicable safety rules during the project period in which they work at the company’s plant or site.The Ultimate Guide to Services